When it comes to bespoke furniture the possibilities really are endless, and they are a great opportunity to create something truly unique. Personalised items have become more and more popular because of the meaning behind them and the extra bit of thought that goes into them. They become even more special when they’re inspired by something that you love and we’ve taken some time to list some ideas below. Whether treating yourself to something nice or getting an extra special gift for someone you know, we think you will love our ideas and we’re sure you’ll think of even more on your own.

Ideas for Kids

It is a good feeling when you can give something to a child that they can be amazed by and put a massive smile on their face. A personalised piece of furniture to go in their room is a great way of creating something that they can get excited about. The design can be inspired by their favourite princess, their favourite superhero or even a character from their favourite tv show. Through creative use of colour, bespoke furniture can be produced to represent their most beloved things. Further customisation could be incorporated into the design with names and initials added too, as well as with official patterned fabrics from authorised suppliers.

Don’t Forget the Grown-Ups

It is not just kids who can have their favourite characters and tv shows, grown-ups can have franchises that they love too. Ideal for both family members and best friends, customised furniture is a fantastic way to put a beaming smile on their face. It could be influenced by a favourite character, a uniform from their most-loved film, or even the costume of their ideal superhero. But these don’t just have to be gifts for your loved ones, you could even treat yourself to something special to add to your current home décor.

Favourite Sports Team

We are sure that everyone knows at least one person who is fanatical about sports. Whether it is football, cricket, rugby, or even American football, they love to show their support for their chosen team. A piece of bespoke furniture can be designed to use the colours of a favourite sports team and even have a name and number embroidered on the back, just like the shirt.

What About the Pets?

Personalised items don’t just have to be reserved for us humans, our pets deserve something a little special too sometimes. Ideas for your pets could include a toy box or similar storage for their toys and accessories. This could then be customised with their name for that extra special touch.

When it comes to the type of furniture you can personalise, there are many options such as ottomans, chairs, sofas, footstools and toy boxes. And it is not just furniture you can personalise. You could even get custom made cushions with personalised touches too!

At New Leaf we can create bespoke furniture for you, customised to fit your needs. Our services include modern upholstery as well as traditional upholstery and we can also create made-to-measure soft furnishings too! If you have a question about how we can help with your project, get in touch and we would be happy to discuss what we can do for you.